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Behzad Mosabegh. Islamic Republic of Iran

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Elbrus climb 31.08.2019 - 07.09.2019
- The ininerary was well established to have a proper acclimatization and success full climb
- Mr. Pavel organiezed all the diferent steps of the schedule very well to have a pleasent travel 
- Dmytriy was a very good and professional guide whose actions resulted in a successful and easy climb
- The cook at Garabashi was a Kind lady with always a nice smile.
- The hotel in Terskol was good
I would licke to thank all the concerned people whose efforts resulted in a good travel and climb and will recommend any one who plans to climb Elbrus to do it through this company

 Behzad Mosabegh Islamic Republic of Iran
tour  THE ASCENT OF Mt ELBRUS WEST (5642 m.) 


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