Climbing mt.Elbrus E-W (cross) from the North

with descent to the settlement Terskol

General characteristics of the program

Type of tour: Climbing
Region of the event Russia, Caucasus, North Elbrus Area
Route: Elbrus East-West. 2B d.c.
Level of service: Semi-sports.
Total duration: 10 days/9 nights
Maximum altitude: 5 621/5 642 m.
Composition of the group: collecting tour races on the dates
Price from 50 000 roubles.

Даты заездов:


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The route combines trekking of average level of difficulty and ascent to both tops of the Elbrus. The way is laid in seldom visited places on the territory Kabardino-Balkaria from the North to the South. These places almost untouched by civilization, because of absence of roads and crowds of visitors. There are well-known mineral springs of Jily-Su. When you ask question "What they treat of?“ usually you receive the answer "Of everything!". 


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The Weather

Tour is not recommended to the people having medical contra-indications!

Due to the increased danger of tour the guide’s instructions are obligatory for execution by all members of tour.

Controversial questions can be solved BEFORE an exit to an ascension to Elbrus or AFTER descent to a shelter.

!!!!The guide and travel company have the rights to terminate for certain participants or all group without compensation of payment in cases:

  • Autocratic actions of the tourists breaking safety rules;
  • Non-observance of rules of a public order and excessive use of alcohol drinks;
  • manifestations of disrespect for local population and sights of the area.

The 1st day.
Meeting at the airport of Mineralnie Vody no later than 03-00 PM. Transfep to the start point of the route via Kislovodsk. Approximately 120 km, 4-6 hours - and we are on the glade Jili-su. Fixing the base camp "Kara-kaya". Walks in surroundings, bathing in the pools with Narzan. Dinner in the camp.

The 2nd day.
.Acclimatization trek to "stone of Emanuel", ascent to peak Surch ( 3070 m.). Overnight in the camp "Kara-kaya".

The 3rd day.
Trek withоut bivouac to the "Northern hut" (3700m) taking some luggage for next days. Return to the base camp. Overnight in the camp "Kara-kaya".

The 4th day.
After breakfast climbing to moraine over Northern Hut and fixing the high-mountain camp. Lunch pack and dinner in the camp. Overnight in the tents camp.

The 5th day. 
Acclimatization trek to the Lencz's Rocks (4700m). Return to the camp

The 6th day.
Rest day. Excursion to the “Mushrooms” glade. Overnight in the camp

The 7th day.
Trek with bivouac to the Lencz's Rocks (4800m). Overnight in camp

The 8th day.
* Early trekking with bivouac. Ruckzacks are to be left at the saddle of Elbrus. Climb the top (tops) of Elbrus depending on the condition of group and weather condition as well. Descent to the valley of Baksan river (to the south). Spending the night on descent in camp on the slope of Elbrus or in a shelter in the valley.

The 9th day
*This is an extra day ("the reserve day") for the case of bad weather

* In case of long bad weather or unwillingness of group to descent to South side it is possible to descent back to North side (to the camp "Kara-kaya") with a further transfer to Pyatigorsk.
The decision to continue the climbing by above described route has to be made by group the day before (not later than the 9th day) UNANIMOUSLY. Otherwise it is possible to choose easier option of descent to North side.

The 10th day
Depature day

Each group is equipped with the first-aid kit, radio station and navigation means (GPS). All groups are registered in group of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia. To communicate with rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Measures it is possible on all extent of a route. It is necessary for you to have only individual medicines (vitamins, tablets from a headache, an adhesive plaster).
for foreign citizens - a copy of the international passport, the visa and the medical insurance
Absence of medical contra-indications to occupations by mountain sports. Age restriction - isn't younger than 16 years. Since 16 years - the written permission of parents for participation in this round.
According to the preliminary application it is possible to organize your transfer by minibus "Gazelle" from Mineralnie Vody to settlement Terskol and back. The way back is paid in addition .
Accommodation in base camp "Kara-kaya" in stacionars tents.  On the way back accommodation in hotel "Intourist' in Pyatigorsk.
Due the ascension day members independently cook food (is included into cost of tour), lanch-packages are provided.  In base camp climbers prepare food independently in kitchen of a shelter or on marching gas torches (kerosene stoves under the direction of the guide.
In the summer water exist in a stream on a glacier which is above the burned-down shelter. In the spring and in the winter only snow is. Special torch available for production of water, which turns snow into water (Using kitchen including into accommodation cost).
In region working only one provider of Mobile communication - Megafon 3G.
On the glade Jili-su temperature from +15 to +30 C in summer, in spring and autumn from 0 to+20 C On “Northen Hut” (3700 m) in the summertime - temperature from -2 to+20 C.
Food and souvenirs. In Pyatigorsk it is possible to taste the present Caucasian cuisine and to buy souvenirs. Dinner in café costs about 400-600 rubles. 
To receive consultations under the program and equipment, to rent equipment you can in Pyatigorsk.
  • visa support
  • all the program transfers (these are: from Mineral Waters to Pytigorsk; from Pytigorsk to the base camp (the glade of Soorh); getting back to the town of Pyatigorsk and then to the Mineral Waters’ airport);
  •  the hotel accommodation (for 2 nights) including breakfasts;
  • three meals a day while staying at the base camp at the glade of Soorh as well as providing with lunch-packets (used while walking/climbing);
  • hire of the common equipment (that is used by the whole group) and tents (for high camps) as well as of the kitchen equipment;
  • a qualified guide;
  • extra guides while ascending (1 for 3–4 persons);
  • high-quality cooking (while staying at the base camp at the glade of Soorh);
  • registration in Prielbrusie (for foreign citizens);
  • the permit for staying in the national park.
  • climbing certificate .
    • international and domestic flight to airport Mineralnye Vody
    • lunch and dinner in hotel
    • Personal Insurance. Please check if your insurance cover climbing risks.
    • Rescue helicopter coverage and first aid kit.
    • Tips for guides, porters, cooker, hotel staff, so on
    • National Park fee - 300 rubles