Elbrus region
Last Date: 2020 August 05

Venue: setl. Terskol, Kabardino-Balkaria, Russian Federation

The program is a variant of the program “Ascent of Elbrus West/East from south face” and differs in that the simple but beautiful hike added before climbing at altitudes up to 4000 m allows firstly to better see the area of Elbrus region and secondly to get better acclimatization before climbing at heights above 5000 m.

For the formed groups any dates are possible by order.

Elbrus-the highest mountain in Russia, Caucasus, Europe. The highest massif of a volcano Elbrus is located to the north of the Main Caucasian ridge. Some consider that Elbrus - an extinct volcano, and the others - sleeping volcano. The Western top of Elbrus (5642 m) and the East (5621 m) are divided by a saddle (5340 m). The most beautiful and known tops of the Caucasus:Ushba, Donguz-Orun, Nakra-Tau are around the Elbrus. An ascension to Elbrus - prestigious extreme tour, it is possible for ordinary physically healthy people. The route of an ascension begins with Baksan's valley via the southern slope of the mountain and it is considered classical. Previous years of our work shows that nine of our ten guests successfully make an ascension to Elbrus when the weather conditions are favorable ( in the summer weather rather stable).

Professional guides, proper equipment and the optimized program of acclimatization make this tour successful and save.





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