Levels of service


The sports - participants are engaged in the organization and carrying out round entirely. It is applied at carrying out ascension and other sporting noncommercial events within club Trainer's council can decide to change the program. It depends from a condition of safety and on requirements of educational and training process.

The semi-sports - preparation of round is carried out by organizers. tourists take part in loading or unloading transports, installation and camp breakdown, can be involved in works at camp arrangement and in cooking. During the trek public cargo is distributed on all participants of round. Increased requirements to sports skills of participants are possible. The guide-instructor has a leading position in group and the guide can change program of tour it depends on weather, rout and a group conditions. However guide has no right to change the structure of services described in the program.

The Standard - preparation and carrying out round lays down generally on organizers and guides. The tourist takes part in carrying of public and personal lagged, installation of the own tent, loading unloading of the part of the own staff. Camp arrangement, material and grocery providing, cooking, providing security measures is included into duties of guides, the cook and accompanying. The program of round can't be changed without coordination with the leader of group.

The VIP service - the tourist doesn't carry out any public work. During the trek tourist bears only the things necessary for him in a way. To change something in the program it is possible only in safety conditions and in connection with wishes of tourists.

The special - the organization and carrying out special rounds: office parties, yoga rounds, etc. Extent of participation is coordinated in each case.


P.S. this classification our internal, is made on the basis of our experience as organizers and as tourists and doesn't apply on a standard for all. We ask to treat indulgently this our attempt to place a point in the one who that should and shouldn't do on a route. With pleasure we will listen to your offers and remarks on this classification.